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A Sims Social ripoff , that was what the folks at EA says, after Electronic Arts points to the two Facebook games and accuses Zynga of copyright infringement which Zynga denies those allegations. Zynga made a good point adding a dig at EA by saying that another EA game “SimCity Social” is similar to Zynga’s “CityVille” game.

That’s a great point.

Here’s a look at…The Ville Above is the original Sims Social,Electronic Arts.

See the difference ?

The Ville

The Ville


The Sims Social, How to Woohoo 101,Woohooing  Criteria :-

  • Be in a Steady Relationship
  • Purchase Condoms from Shop
  • Both must be a Socialite (Set Compatibility)
  • Have a double bed,Tub or shower
  • Goto your dates house Male / Female

Steps :-

  1. Click on Double Bed / Shower / Tub > Select either option Quickie or Woohoo
    The Sims Social,How to Woohoo 101,Woohooing Steps
    The Sims Social,How to Woohoo 101,Woohooing Steps