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Cityville Super Goods Shipping Pier

Cityville Super Goods Shipping Pier

Cityville Goods freighters and super freighters Super Goods Shipping Pier and this Shipping upgrade feature, helps you save space, increase your payouts and storage and overall earn you great rewards.

The Pier adds an extra 420 goods storage and upgrades for it were released on November 10, 2011 along with the  Dock Star questline.

The Pier adds an extra 420 goods storage and upgrades for it were released on November 10, 2011 along with the Dock Star questline.

Upgrade your old school mundane Shipping Piers to this ! 



Cityville water greenhouse
Cityville water greenhouse

Click the images below to request building materials for the Cityville Water Greenhouse in CityVille and get a Cityville Red Cargo Barn free

viral_ventilation_75x75_burstviral_heater_75x75_burstviral_growing_light_75x75_burst (1)viral_air_blower_75x75_burstviral_dripline_75x75_burst

The Red Barn adds 415 storage spaces for goods harvested from crops, trains and ships. They occupy a 4×4 plot. The cost is 1000 coins per barn and it takes 5 energy to build. To build a Red Barn, go to the Farming section of the Build menu.

A Red Barn is one of two buildings which are placed in the game before you start playing. It is the highest storage building until the player reaches a high enough level to unlock Sticks, which can store 485 goods. The Red Barn is available at the start and upgraded to leevl  which store 4,150 goods level 4.Cityville Goods Storage Red Barn Level 4

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Cityville New Bug error #1899 and #399

Latest cityville Shipping goods storage Drydocks Facility Level 3

Latest cityville Shipping goods storage Drydocks Facility Level 3

Latest cityville Shipping goods storage Drydocks Facility.

expand and upgrade the size of your Piers, giving you not only more space to dock boats, but also more overall storage to hold Goods, whether you’ve received those Goods from shipping or even from farming!

Reach Level 20, if you haven’t created an expansion that touches the water yet. If you’ve already unlocked a Pier in your city, however, you’ll simply be able to jump straight away into the upgrade process.

Again, each Pier must be upgraded individually, with this second requirement asking you to harvest ships specifically on the Pier that you’re currently trying to upgrade.

As for gathering parts, you’ll need to gather six of each of the following items:

  • Pier Planks
  • Cranes
  • Mooring Lines
  • Cargo
  • Forklifts

There are three requirements to upgrade a single Pier, and you’ll need to upgrade each individual Pier you own individually to take advantage of these bonuses and rewards.

  • Have 6 Ships
  • Harvest 15 Ships on this Pier
  • Gather Parts to upgrade your Pier

Once you’ve finished these three tasks, you’ll have upgraded that individual Pier to Level 2. This takes the Pier from a 6-foot Dock, housing 420 Goods to one that is an 8-Foot Dock, allowing storage for 1500 Goods. From there, you’ll be able to upgrade yet again to Level 3, but this time, the requirements are different:

  • Harvest 30 Ships or Freighters on this Pier
  • Have 3 Freighters
  • Gather parts to upgrade the Pier.

Gather 50 parts overall for this upgrade, instead of 30 as for the first upgrade. Additionally, the Freighters and Super Freighters are available to purchase from the store, just as you’ve purchased Boats or Barges in the past. A Freighter costs 10,000 coins, while a Super Freighter costs 100,000 coins. These cost more coins to purchase initially, but they can also return with more Goods than you would have received from Boats normally, so that’s the trade-off. Once you’ve reached Level 3 of a Pier, it will offer storage for 2,500 Goods and will be 10 feet long.

To go along with these Pier upgrades, a set of new goals has also been released pertaining to Shipping Upgrades, and we’ll make sure to have a complete guide to those goals for you as soon as we can.

Latest Cityville addition, Cityville Duke’s Airship from FarmVille English Countryside. Keep an eye out on the skies on your city in CityVille, as you just might receive a special visit from Duke’s Airship, made famous with the  FarmVille English Countryside. Duke’s Airship has come by to drop off Goods – around 200 – to your town, absolutely free!

cityville dukes airship

cityville dukes airship

You’ll see a pop-up saying something like “What’s that up in the sky?” and then you’ll see Duke’s Airship in all of its glory, flying over your town, drop off some Goods, and disappear as quickly as he appeared (Below). You’re then given a pop-up advertising the FarmVille English Countryside, but you don’t actually have to go play FarmVille to receive your Goods. Just make sure you have some room in your Goods bar the next time you play, so that this valuable air drop doesn’t go to waste!

Apparently a Sippery Slimy Zynga slimball teaser to entice you into playing FarmVille English Countryside getting your goods through Cityville Duke’s Airship !!!

Stay tuned and capture more surprise plane drops.

cityville airdrop airflown goods

cityville airdrop airflown goods