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Cityville Roller Coaster,Theme Park Ride

Cityville Roller Coaster,Theme Park Ride

The Cityville Roller Coaster,Theme Park Ride, Start collecting on-ride photos to upgrade it. This is a setup similar to the St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow and your search for clover. Earn on-ride photos by asking your friends to send them to you, purchasing them with City Cash or by collecting profits from new “Amusement Park” buildings that can be purchased in the store. There are five new items to choose from as of this writing, with two being available for coins

The Roller Coaster is a business attraction in CityVille released on March 1, 2012. Completion of this attraction is required to finish a Theme Park.

This attraction can be built after unlocking Level 1 of the Theme Park-icon.png Theme Park.

It cannot be taken out of the Theme Park-icon.png Theme Park.

It requires Goods-icon.png 1600 Goods to operate.


Ciyyville Theme Park

Ciyyville Theme Park

Theme Park is a 10×10 sized Storage building that is designed to hold Attractions as well as getting a special ride with each level. This feature was released on March 1st 2012 with the first one placed for free from the One Down, Two to Go!-icon.png One Down, Two to Go! goal, while additional ones cost Coins-icon.png 200,000 Coins. It takes Energy-icon.png 12 Energy to build.

It is the only inefficient storage building released, since it occupies 100 tiles (10×10), while it only holds buildings that only occupies 84 tiles as will be shown below.

For now, attractions released during special events such as the MJ's Immortal Arena-icon.png MJ’s Immortal Arena, the Buble Bonfire-icon.png Buble Bonfire and the Enrique's Euphoria Arena-icon.png Enrique’s Euphoria Arena are not storable in the Theme Park

Cityville Amusement Park Go Karts

Cityville Amusement Park Go Karts

Cityville Amusement Park Go Kart attraction is coming in cityville ! you can try go kart track on pedal to the metal mission soon!!!

Goal : start your engines

Fun is just around the corner. Look for amusement park rides coming soon!

Requirements :

  • – place a go kart attraction
  • – open go kart attraction
  • – collect from your go kart attraction

tips : find this item on build > businesses, place it, click to open and collect !