Latest ARGENTINA’s Uritorco mountain will be closed from December 20 to 22 after an appeal went out on Facebook for people to climb it and commit “massive spiritual suicide.”

CORDOBA – It was circulating on social media before finally reaching the desks of Capilla del Monte police: an anonymous person on Facebook was inviting people to “a spiritual magical suicide on December 21 at 21:12 on Uritorco Mountain.”

The invitation received (virtual) RSVPs from about 150 people. Following this, the owners of the mythical Cordoban mountain shut the site and banned access on Dec. 21 – 21-12 – a key day in the Mayan calendar representing the end of a cycle.

The closure will occur just days before the city and Cordoba region, in the center of Argentina, are due for a tourism boom with the arrival of around 15,000 people.

“The truth is that we have been working on the issue ever since we learned about it. We are concerned that while it may be a joke, you never know what could happen,” Rafael García Pérez, the manager of Uritorco Mountain told Clarín.

The Uritorco is 1979-meters high and became internationally famous when, in Jan. 1986, a flash of light left a 120 x 70 meter mark on one side. Since then, there have been numerous UFO and alien sightings, attracting many New Age tourists.

The event created on the social networking site is called “Massive Magical Suicide 21/12/2012.” On the page, the following can be read: “To all the believers, beings and warriors of the light, I invite you to a spiritual suicide en masse in Uritorco, Cordoba, Argentina. We will abandon our unclean flesh and transport our spirit through the inter dimensional portal at 21 hours, 12 minutes on 21/12/2012 and from this will be created an army of light that will save humanity … in this change of era.”