Cityvillle meteor Crash Site Area 51 Nevada Ground Zero.

There’s a goal to go along with this feature called “A Deep Impact,” and we’re here with a guide on what’s up.

A Deep Impact

  • Expand to the Meteor Crash Site
  • Collect 30 Shooting Stars
  • Send your Space Shuttle to Jupiter

Reward 10 Sun Fuels.

Cityvillle meteor Crash Site Area 51 Nevada Ground Zero

Cityvillle meteor Crash Site Area 51 Nevada Ground Zero

Summary FAQ

Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?

A: This feature is available to players level 10+ and above. Keep your eyes out for the following quest.

Q: What is the Meteor Crash Site?

A: It’s a Community Building that has a footprint of 12×12 and provides 2000 Population Allowance.

Q: Where can the Meteor Crash Site be placed?

A: It is only placeable on land. It can be placed Downtown but gives no DT value, only population allowance.

Q: How often can I collect from the Meteor Crash Site?

A: You can collect once every 12 hours and receive 980 coins per payout.

Q: Where do I need to place the expansion?

A: Click on the “Show Me” button to locate the expansion with the Meteor Crash Site. If this requirement is already checked off for you then you do not need to place any more expansions. *Note: When you place the expansion the Meteor Crash Site placeholder will become available to you.

Q: Can I sell the Meteor Crash Site?

A: No. If you remove this item, it will go into your inventory.

Q: Why can’t I place an expansion on the square where I see the Meteor Crash Site?

A: You have to expand up to that square before you can place an expansion on it.

Q: Is the Meteor Crash Site available in the Build Menu?

A: This item is not available for purchase.

Q: Can I store the Meteor Crash Site in the Warehouse?

A: No, this item is not storable.

Q: Will it need buildable materials to complete?

A: Yes, you can gather these buildable materials by asking your friends for help or purchasing for City Cash. Note: When removed from inventory to build again, you will need to collect parts again.