The Bus Station begins with the goal Build A Bus Station!-icon.png Build A Bus Station! .

Cityvillle Bus Station Level 4

Cityvillle Bus Station Level 4

Be at least Level 40. You may only have 1.

Your Station and all the Stops must be in the same city to work. (You can’t send buses between the original city and Downtown.)

Cityville Decoration Bus Stops are needed for the Cityville Decoration Bus Station to function.

Cityville Decoration Bus Stops placed next to a business will increase both its payout and the speed it fills up. The higher level the Stop is, the better the payout. They are 2×2 in size and need Energy-icon.png 4 Energy to build. Normal customers who visit a business have a chance of walking to the nearest Bus Stop and boarding it, becoming Commuters. Once the Stop is full to capacity, you can click on it to send it to another Bus Stop. Note that there are two different indicators. A light cyan square which indicates the range for bonus payout, has a range of 3 squares around the structure. There is a second, light green, circular indicator which shows the range for the

Bus Stop Level 4-SW.png Level 4 Coins-icon.png 50,000 Coins, requires 6 crew 12% bonus, 40 commuters, affects 14 squares
Level 4 Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5
Bus Station Level 4-SW.png Bus Door
Bus Door x10
Bus Paint
Bus Paint x10
Bus Tire
Bus Tire x10
Bus Seat
Bus Seat x10
Bus Ticket
Bus Ticket x10