Cityville water greenhouse
Cityville water greenhouse

Click the images below to request building materials for the Cityville Water Greenhouse in CityVille and get a Cityville Red Cargo Barn free

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The Red Barn adds 415 storage spaces for goods harvested from crops, trains and ships. They occupy a 4×4 plot. The cost is 1000 coins per barn and it takes 5 energy to build. To build a Red Barn, go to the Farming section of the Build menu.

A Red Barn is one of two buildings which are placed in the game before you start playing. It is the highest storage building until the player reaches a high enough level to unlock Sticks, which can store 485 goods. The Red Barn is available at the start and upgraded to leevl  which store 4,150 goods level 4.Cityville Goods Storage Red Barn Level 4