Cityville Cargo Aircraft Carrier

Cityville Cargo Aircraft Carrier

The Cargo Aircraft Carrier is a 6×11 floating airport. You must be over Level 30 and receive the goal Complete The Carrier-icon.png Complete The Carrier. The Carrier must be placed in water and may not be rotated.

Completion of the Carrier requires 5×6 materials for the first level. Level 2 and 3 require 6x and 10x materials. Each level built will add another plane.

Carrier Cargo Plane State

Empty Loaded Spoiled
Cargo Carrier Plane Empty-SW.png Cargo Carrier Plane Harvest-SW.png Cargo Carrier Plane Withered-SW.png

It is capable of carrying up to 3 Cargo planes at a time. They must all be launched at the same time to the same destination. Planes sent from the Carrier will return with 3x the amount of goods that an Airport Cargo Plane does. They also receive 2x the Mastery points for the route chosen.

Harvesting a plane requires Energy-icon.png 6 Energy (3x normal) and all must be harvested at the same time. This means the planes are only better in that they save Airport space and gain Mastery points faster.

These planes spoil at the same rate as normal Cargo Planes.

Removal sends the Carrier to Inventory. It will need to be rebuilt