Full Level 6 the goal Make the Tree of Life Flourish!-icon.png Make the Tree of Life Flourish!

All Nature Buildings can receive 3x the listed percentage boost from the Tree, for a maximum of 300% at Level 6. When collected from, the Nature Buildings have a chance of dropping the birds needed for upgrades. You can also request a (random) bird every 2 hours, and get them from friends off the wall feed.

These buildings drop Birds that can be used to build the Tree of Life.

HINT: Make sure you have the rarest 3 birds on your Wishlist at all times. This gives you much better odds through clicking your neighbor’s feed items. Be certain you have all 3 on your Wishlist right before you go up a level, or you will lose time getting them back on it.

Level 6 Building Materials Bonus
Deco growing tree SW.png Parrot-icon.png
64x Parrot
Blue Jay-icon.png
32x Blue Jay
16× Cardinal
Energy-icon.png 100 Energy, +100% payout to payout to Businesses, Residences and Community Buildings