Cityville Farmers Market

Cityville Farmers Market

Open a Farmer’s Market! Bring special crops and great bonuses to your city when you open a fabulous Farmer’s Market!


  • New Premium Crops to earn!
  • Great Bonuses when the Market is Open up to 100%!
  • More Premium Goods for your City!

Summary FAQ

  • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
    A: This feature is available to players level 30+.
  • Q: What is the Farmer’s Market?
    A: It is a new type of building that produces premium Goods by planting premium crops. Also it provides huge bonuses to nearby buildings when the Market is Open!
  • Q: Is this feature intended for Downtown or Main City?
    A: This feature is functional in both Downtown and Main City. However, there are benefits to having it in either! The ability to produce premium goods through the premium crops is a huge benefit in your Downtown. While the payout bonus is very helpful to have in your Main City if you have more buildings there.
  • Q: Can I plant the premium crops in the Greenhouse?
    A: Unfortunately, these are only available to be planted on regular plots. The exception is the Super Greenhouse. You CAN plant Premium Crops in the Super Greenhouse.
  • Q: Where can I find the Farmer’s Market?
    A: You will be prompted to place the Farmer’s Market as part of the Farmer’s Market Quest.
  • Q: Can I have more than one Farmer’s Market?
    A:No you cannot. However you will be able to build the other parts of the Farmer’s Market for even bigger bonuses.
  • Q:Will I be able to upgrade the Farmer’s Market?
    A: Yes, each upgrade will add another booth and increase the bonus to your market.
  • Q: How many booths does the Farmer’s Market have?
    A: The Farmer’s Market has a total of 4 booths, 3 of which you will be prompted to build.
  • Q: What are the stats for the Farmers Market?
    A: It is a 7×7 collection of 4 booths. You can earn up to 100% Area of Affect to your surrounding buildings with a fully upgraded Farmer’s Market.
  • Q: Do I need any materials to build the Farmer’s Market?
    A:Not at first, the first booth of the Farmer’s Market will be pre built, but will not be able to be opened! You will need to build the second booth to be able to open the Farmer’s Market and upgrade to the third and fourth booth to increase your bonus and open new premium crops.NOTE You will only be able to open the Farmer’s Market if you have built the second booth.
  • Q: How can I upgrade the Farmer’s Market?
    A: Once you have built the second booth, you will see the upgrade arrow hovering over the third booth! And once you have upgraded to the third booth, you will see an upgrade arrow prompting you to upgrade to the 4th booth.
  • Q: Will the Farmer’s Market Change Appearance with each level?
    A: Yes. New booths will open up as you upgrade and build them.
  • Q: What will happen if I delete the Farmer’s Market from my City?
    A:You will move it to your inventory.

Step by Step Guide to Building the Farmer’s Market

  1. Once you have reached level 30 you will see the quest icon to start building your Farmer’s Market.
  2. You will need to build and finish the second booth, before you can open the Farmer’s Market. This will take 6 clicks to build, and buildable items to finish.
  3. Once the second booth is built and finished, you will now be able to open the Farmer’s Market! While open, the Farmer’s Market will grant a 50% bonus towards the surrounding buildings.
  4. Upgrading to the third booth will increase this bonus to 75% and having a full Farmer’s Market will grant you a 100% bonus!

Step by Step Guide to Upgrading and Opening your Farmer’s Market

  1. Once you have two booths in your Farmer’s Market, you will now be able to Open it!
  2. An Open Farmer’s Market will give you access to Crops that you can plant in your Plots and Greenhouseswhich provide Premium Goods. The Farmer’s Market will stay open for 12 Hours!Note: You can only plant these crops in the area that you have placed your Farmer’s Market
  3. Upgrading your Farmer’s Market to Level 2 will require you to complete the following requirements. (Building the 3rd booth) With a Level 2 Farmer’s Market, the bonus it grants to surrounding buildings is increased to 75%
  4. Upgrading to Farmer’s Market Level 3 is done in a similar fashion. With a Level 3 Farmer’s Market, the bonus it grants to surrounding buildings is increased to 100%
Grow Premium Crops and add HUGE Bonuses to your City with The Farmer’s Market Today!