cityville Grand Prix RaceTrack Falken tyres

cityville Grand Prix RaceTrack Falken tyres

The Falken Tire Racetrack is a 4×4 branded business in CityVille for a limited time. It was released near March 13,2012 during a promotion with Falken Tires. This business is available to purchase until March 23, 2012. Although it is still available in the build menu, a player can only buy one.

A player can earn the Falken Car, by mastering the business within 10 days. Mastering this business requires it to be supplied 20 times, but unlike other business upgrades, no friends can help in the process.

This business cannot be placed in a mall.

This and other branded businesses are very similar. You can’t change the name of the businesses, they’re 4×4 in size, they have the same efficiency, and they have the same amount of goods consumed.

Falken Tire Racetrack has an efficiency of 5 coins per good.

Gas Station

After the promotion ends, the Falken Tire Racetrack will change into a regular Gas Station, and the player receives Coins-icon.png 2,500 Coins.

Falken Tire Racetrack-icon.png City welcomes drivers to the Falken Tire Racetrack.


Falken Car-icon.png Master the Falken Tire Racetrack and earn this reward!
Every city deserves a racetrack. Hear the roars and feel the adrenaline of high-powered machines. Share with your friends that you have mastered the Racetrack.