Sacha Baron Cohen, aka “The Dictator,” aka Ali G Insult Doggie steps onto the red carpet during the Oscars with ashes from late leader Kim Jong-Il’s (fake) spilled all over Ryan Seacrest.

He hails from the Republic of Wadiya Dictator The Movie will debut soon

Source - Paramount Pictures Republic of Widayi

Biography – Birth

Supreme Leader Shabazz Aladeen gave a great gift to the world when he decided to be born. He was seventh son of the glorious Wadiyan President-For-Life Omar Aladeen. His mother was an Air France stewardess who tragically died of an oxygen underdose shortly after Aladeen’s birth in 1982 – this fact means he is now 30 years old. Any photos you may have seen of Aladeen as a child in the mid-70s, including a great one of him at the premiere of Saturday Night Fever, were doctored by the corrupt Zionist Western media.


If you’re looking for the perfect vacation destination, look no further than Wadiya. Travel is easy, with regular arrivals of hi-jacked airliners. Alternatively, just hike near our borders (or if you’re a Victoria’s Secret model go to a nightclub in Miami) and we’ll do the rest. Once here, Wadiya is filled with glorious tourist attractions:

Wadiyan State Zoo

Many dozens of endangered species can be found caged at the Wadiyan National Zoo, including pandas, white tigers, and Amnesty International officials. You may even be lucky enough to see the Supreme Leader himself drop by to shoot an elephant. Also home to the world’s largest collection of deadly sharks, at feeding time you can throw them fish, seal meat, and foreign journalists.

Wadiyan Science Museum

Come stand in awe at the many breathtaking scientific discoveries Aladeen has made for his beloved people of Wadiya. See exhibits on such topics as Aladeen’s creation of a swine flu vaccine and his discovery of aerosol cheese. Watch a film about Aladeen’s historic invention of the time machine, which he used to travel backwards in time and re-invent the light bulb. In the interactive laboratory wing of the museum, a prize of $100,000 is offered to any visitor who can successfully enrich uranium.