The Airport is a Community building in CityVille. It will bring both tourists and work like a pier for goods supply. If it’s removed, it will go back into your Inventory.

The Airport is a gradually upgradeable building which increases its functionality as it is upgraded. Initially it will have a Cargo Terminalwhich brings goods. The completion of the airport will also require the construction of two other terminals.

Cargo Planes land at Airport and unload goods just like Boats.

Passenger Jets land at the Airport and unload tourists for your businesses to sell goods to.

Tourists are customers for your businesses that are unloaded from your Passenger Jet. Having these tourists in your city speeds up how quickly the businesses in your city sell out after you supply them. This is the same effect housing has on your businesses. Before unloading the tourist passengers from the landed Passenger Jet, make sure the businesses in your city are resupplied with purchasable goods (not sold out or empty). This ensures they have places to go shopping.

Requirement: XP-icon.png Level 30
Size: Size-icon.png12×12
Completion: Complete Cargo Terminal
Complete Passenger Terminal (Coming Soon!)
Complete Private Jet Terminal (Coming Soon!)