CItyville Government Centre Community Centre Storage

CItyville Government Centre Community Centre Storage

The Government Center is a 8×8 Community Building storage that can be placed from the Government Center!-icon.png Government Center! Goal. This building is upgradeable to hold up to 12 community buildings and the building itself will also increase your population cap. It was released on January 8, 2012.

Like the City Center, no energy is required to build it. You can store community buildings when you have upgraded to level 7 (and activated the bonus) or when the event is over (January 28, 2012).
To activate the bonus, click on the Government Center once you have completed it. Upgradeable Community Buildings can still be upgraded when they are in the Government Center.

It will act like a wonder by giving citywide bonuses to:

The bonus effect will run for 3 minutes and cost Cash-icon.png 10 Cash to add 30 seconds to the timer and get Energy-icon.png 10 Energy.

You can only run the bonus timer once.

Note: Neither the Government Center nor the City Center will hold the City Hall.