Hammer-icon.png Materials for Governor’s Mansion. 

The Governor’s Mansion is a 5×5 housing item in CityVille. It can be placed from the  Mansion Move-In! goal.

Removing this item will send it back to your inventory.

Gather parts to unlock your Governor’s Mansion

Upgrade tonga room icon.png Master Business Master One of Five Businesses to Level 2

Coffee Plant Master-icon.png Master Crop Master One of Three Crops to Level 3

Goal Information Mansion Move-In! 
Requirements XP-icon.png 50 Level
Release Date December 9, 2011
Description Oops! I forgot to bring you a house warming gift! But at least I voted for you! Does that count?!
Mission from Sam
Place Governor's Mansion.png Place Governor’s Mansion
Complete Governor's Mansion.png Complete Governor’s Mansion
Coins Coins-icon.png 100,000 Coins
Energy Energy-icon.png 15 Energy
Goal Completion
Description Now that you’re all settled in, I say we throw a big party to celebrate your victory and your new home!
Cityville Governor's Mansion Construction-SECityville Governor's Mansion
Cityville Governor’s Mansion Construction-SE
Requirement: Mansion Move-In!-icon.png Mansion Move-In!
Size: Size-icon.png5×5
Rent: Coins-icon.png 526 Coins every 24 hours
Min Pop: Population-icon.png 3750 Population
Max Pop: Population-icon.png 6750 Population
Upgrades: Extra large moving truck.png 60  Bonus Population