Achados Perdidos MegaCity

Achados Perdidos MegaCity

Hi, MegaCidadãos! Okay? How was the weekend of you? Our was very entertaining, with new people and the beautiful  Achados Perdidos Airport that Luca has designed. And is he himself who will tell you.

Hello, MegaFriends!
Are all enjoying the Achados Perdidos Airport? We take advantage of quite this novelty during our finde.
On Saturday, we hang out by lounges it while I showed for the Nests all architectural details that pus in it. I struggled to stay well beautiful, my friends! We enjoyed it so much all passengers who appear from all corners of the world. Supercool! And, moreover, gave to take a look here at Found & lost. You not imagine the strangest things people lose there. I huh!
At night, the Captain wanted to give a Smart Aleck and invited Ann to dinner before the launch party of the airport. Glad I went along to protect the honour of my friend of Don Juan de fifth category. And for quite the feast also partying, of course!
On Sunday, we spent the day in the exhibition of Santos Dumont that ushered in the Achados Perdidos Airport Terminal. Verycool aviation father!
A fun and cultural tudojuntomisturado finde! keeekeeeekeeeee.




MegaPrefeitos, every major airport in the world needs an area of “Lost & Found” to help their passengers. Will want to leave the service on its MegaCity fall? Not? Then get to work, dear!


On landing the first airplane, a tour “Lost & Found” appears in their chests. Place in town, newly build and make his inauguration — with much celebration, of course!


To see if it works, you must receive airplanes at their airports. Each plane 21 gives a suitcase. Join sufficient handbags to perform searches, find passenger baggage and receive a special reward.


Confirmed that works, help the Luca to receive an order made by internet aterrizando aircraft. Then give a jump in electronics store to Charge the profit and confirm that the request arrived.


Now it’s time to face the first inspection at the airport. With fear of not passing? So don’t cease to enable its control tower, get a good amount of Staves flags to use and help passengers on “Lost & Found”. For sure going to give everything right, MegaPrefeitos.


But the Airport isn’t all work, no! It is very relaxing to watch the planes aterrizando one behind the other. Raise the profit of the Cafeteria where was the staff who took this programming with a good cup of coffee and help who amused both that forgot the suitcase on the treadmill and had to go there on “Lost & Found” to find your stuff. Rsrsrs!


You knew that people lose things most unusual at the airport? Because it is! Leverage to discover what can arise from fun helping people on “Lost & Found”. Just don’t forget to get some baggage Carts to help with the weight, huh!


Ready, you are true professionals aeroviários! That chic! Leverage their Airports!