Good day, MegaPrefeitos.
It Megalloween! I love this time of year! Many fantasies, many sweets and many goals!
Now, you know who likes more than I? The Governor! That is why he is leading the project leaving MegaCity fully themed Megalloween! And all costumed, very chic!
CasasMegalloween MegaCity

CasasMegalloween MegaCity

For starters, we have to plant many pumpkins. Without them, how to make all the decoration? Does not, Hey, folks? Then plant with care and take care of them with affection to grow enough and stay well beautiful! Put some tombstones of skull City (or, who knows, could mount their own cemeteries curios).
But who said that the Megalloween is just mischief? The gostosura is also part of MegaCity, and, for this you need to build their own stores of Halloween Candy! When they are prontinhas, do not forget to sell many doughnuts and Arrecadarem profits!
Now, it’s time to call the monsters to enter the party! Build Halloween houses to put all the capes, masks and teeth Hairpieces. Then invite friends to pick up the fantasies and join the fun in your town.
All ready, it’s time to enjoy the best of Megalloween: gostosuras or shenanigans! Pass by the houses of the neighbors family asking for sweets and scaring everyone with their costumes. But don’t forget to keep your cities supplied with gostosuras, why should make large profits from the shops of Halloween candy from neighbors too.
To complete the goal, giving a conferred on their chests! Saw that has a scarecrow waiting for you, just about to be placed next to the plantations and give products just click on it? Leverage and plant some Pumpkins and Harvest all.
Ready, a Megalloween as a lot of gostosura, a lot of mischief and, mainly, much happiness!
Leverage enough, MegaCidadãos!