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 Get Ready To Cityville Remodel ! Remodeling feature has come to your city! Customize the look of your city and get better stats!

cityville remodel guide Cityville Remodel Guide

Remodel Your Buildings! Spruce up your cities, remodel your homes today! This feature is available to players level 15 and above!

here’s the guide for remodel in cityville :

Benefits of Remodeling

– Give select residences a brand new look

– Some of the remodeling options also increase stats

Remodel FAQ

Q: Which residences can I remodel?

A: See the residence list below :

– Cozy Cottage

– Family Townhouse

– Country Home

– Terraced Brownstone

– Apartment Complex

– Timeshare Tower

– Bay Point Duplex

Q: Will the new appearance be applied to just the one residence I selected, or will this change all the residences of this type?

A: When you remodel a residence you are remodeling just that one residence.

Q: If I unlock a design with City Cash can I use it as much as I like?

A: Yes, once you unlock a design with City Cash, for a specific type of residence, you will be able to use it like any of the other designs.

Q: If I remodel my residence with a design that will increase the population for that residence, will I lose that population increase if I ever remodel it back to the way it was or with another design with a lower population?

A: No you will not, once the population for a specific house has been increased it will not decrease through remodeling.

there are 3 cityville remodel mission, and you can get 2 new buildings on these quest :

part 1 : Remodel Citizen

part 2 : Mushroom Apartment Complex

part 3 : Mushroom Bay Point Duplex

Part 1: Building your Remodeling HQ

1. Once you have reached level 15 you will will see a quest icon from our favorite upgrading guru and receive the quest to build your Remodeling HQ.

cityville paint the town Cityville Remodel Guide

2. Clicking on the “Place” button will allow you to place then build your Remodeling HQ (it will take 10 clicks to build it). Note, if you ever delete it from your city you will be able to find it again in your inventory and it will have to be rebuilt.

cityville remodeling hq Cityville Remodel Guide

3. Once you have finished building the Remodeling HQ you will notice an arrow pointing at your multitool.

cityville remodel tool Cityville Remodel Guide

Clicking on that arrow will reveal a new tool added called “Remodel”

Part 2: Remodeling Residence

1. When you select the remodeling tool you will see a new icon above all residences currently in your city that can be remodeled at this time.

cityville remodeling icon Cityville Remodel Guide

2. While in remodeling mode, when you click on a residence that can be remodeled it will bring up the remodeling menu.

cityville remodel menu Cityville Remodel Guide

3. From this menu you will be able to select a new appearance for your chosen residence. Some of these selections will also increases certain stats for that residence; you can review these by hovering over them in the remodeling menu.

Note: Once you have remodeled a residence to have a higher population it will never lose that population bonus, even if you changed it back.

cityville fancy cozy cottage Cityville Remodel Guide

4. Once you select a new appearance your building will appear with scaffolding around it; to finish remodeling it you will have click on that building the specified amount of times.

Note: Each click takes one(1) energy.

cityville click to remodel Cityville Remodel Guide cityville click to build Cityville Remodel Guide

5. Your residence will have the new appearance after your last click.

cityville residence new appearance Cityville Remodel Guide

Unlocking more remodel residence options

1. Some of the remodeling residence options can be unlocked with City Cash.

cityville mushroom cozy cottage Cityville Remodel Guide

2. You can learn how much cash will unlock a selection by clicking on it, which will produce a pop-up and state the price.

cityville remodel menu Cityville Remodel Guide

3. Once unlocked, you will be able to purchase this design with coins.

cityville mushroom building Cityville Remodel Guide

Remodeling is a great new feature that will help you build the city of your dreams! Give it a try today!