Microsoft equivalent of being in an Apple store except that is ia a FAKE Store done by Micorsoft themselves !!!

WTF !?!

Retail Experience Center Images

The Retail Experience Center is a private, 20,000-square-foot interactive store environment located at Microsoft Corp.’s headquarters. Redmond, Wash.

The Microsoft Retail Experience Center showcases new and emerging technologies that create connected and differentiated experiences throughout the retail environment. Redmond, Wash.
The Retail Experience Center features in-store displays of Microsoft consumer products and showcases powerful ways to help cut costs, create efficiencies and promote and sell goods. Redmond, Wash.
Interactive technologies include applications that deliver targeted, real-time information to a shopping cart or a consumer’s mobile phone to help impact buying decisions and the shopping experience. Redmond, Wash.
Assisted selling devices on the sales floor can empower retail employees with better visibility, support collaboration for increased productivity, and enable a seamless consumer experience. Redmond, Wash.
The Retail Experience Center enables visitors to experience the latest ways to interact with digital content through multitouch and natural gestures. Redmond, Wash.

Microsoft Surface can provide shoppers at retail stores with easy, instant access to product information, empowering them to make the best purchasing decision. Redmond, Wash.
Microsoft Tag enables consumers to access and share useful and fun content and product information in a simple way, using the mobile device so prominent in their lives. Redmond, Wash.