Empires and Allies Invage Neighbours,Gain Infamy Fast, Critical Hit or Critical Kill cheat hack

Empires and Allies Invage Neighbours,Gain Infamy Fast, Critical Hit or Critical Kill cheat hack

Empires and Allies Invage Neighbours,Gain Infamy Fast, Critical Hit or Critical Kill cheat hack.

Once in combat, blows are exchanged in a turn-based fashion, allowing the attacker and defender each their chance to turn the tides of battle. All of this seemingly fun, strategic combat takes place in either a sprawling, story-driven single player campaign or online with your Facebook friends. However, attacking your friends will raise your Infamy level, represented by a black heart.

Critical Hit or Critical Kill combat drops at the end of combat, you receive Ore as part of the victory reward.

Invade Your Neighbors and Capture Their Ore Mine– this is the easiest and quickest way to increase your stockpile of valuable stones. It is a common building pattern among players to cluster identical buildings together. So it is expected that all ore mines are bunched up together in a square. This should be your target everytime you invade somebody. Forget about oil,wood or coins since you can easily get them through other ways.  You can identify what type of ore your neighbor is producing by checking out his profile window    Empires and Allies

Critical Kills/Hits – here’s another reason why it pays to be very aggressive in the game. Everytime you score a critical hit during battle, there will be an ore drop together with energy and xp pickups. Even more rewarding is the critical kill, just see for yourself. Empires and Allies

Infamy Level Infamy Required Rewards
1 Infamy-icon.png0  
2 Infamy-icon.png10 Missile Attack I
3 Infamy-icon.png25 Air Strike I
4 Infamy-icon.png45 Missile Attack I
5 Infamy-icon.png70 Target Jammer I
6 Infamy-icon.png100 EMP I
7 Infamy-icon.png135 Poison Gas I
8 Infamy-icon.png175 Missile Attack I
9 Infamy-icon.png220 Air Strike I
10 Infamy-icon.png270 Missile Attack I
11 Infamy-icon.png325 Target Jammer I
12 Infamy-icon.png385 EMP I
13 Infamy-icon.png450 Poison Gas I
14 Infamy-icon.png520 Missile Attack I
15 Infamy-icon.png595 Air Strike I
16 Infamy-icon.png675 Missile Attack I
17 Infamy-icon.png760 Target Jammer I
18 Infamy-icon.png850 EMP I
19 Infamy-icon.png945 Poison Gas I
20 Infamy-icon.png1045 Missile Attack II
21 Infamy-icon.png1150 Air Strike II
22 Infamy-icon.png1260 Missile Attack II
23 Infamy-icon.png1375 Target Jammer II
24 Infamy-icon.png1495 EMP II
25 Infamy-icon.png1620 Poison Gas II
26 Infamy-icon.png1750 Missile Attack II
27 Infamy-icon.png1885 Air Strike II
28 Infamy-icon.png2025 Missile Attack II
29 Infamy-icon.png2170 Target Jammer II
30 Infamy-icon.png2320 EMP II
31 Infamy-icon.png2475 Poison Gas II
32 Infamy-icon.png2635 Missile Attack II
33 Infamy-icon.png2800 Air Strike II
34 Infamy-icon.png2970 Missile Attack II
35 Infamy-icon.png3145 Target Jammer II
36 Infamy-icon.png3325 EMP II
37 Infamy-icon.png3510 Poison Gas II
38 Infamy-icon.png3700 Missile Attack III
39 Infamy-icon.png3895 Air Strike III
40 Infamy-icon.png4095 Missile Attack III
41 Infamy-icon.png4300 Target Jammer III
42 Infamy-icon.png4510 EMP III
43 Infamy-icon.png4725 Poison Gas III
44 Infamy-icon.png4945 Missile Attack III
45 Infamy-icon.png5170 Air Strike III
46 Infamy-icon.png5400 Missile Attack III
47 Infamy-icon.png5635 Target Jammer III
48 Infamy-icon.png5875 EMP III
49 Infamy-icon.png6120 Poison Gas III
50 Infamy-icon.png6370 Tactical Nuke