cityville samantha bellhop Who is she

cityville samantha bellhop Who is she

  • Build a Cityville Hotels resort in your city!

    Surround your hotel with businesses.
    Invite your friends to visit your resort.
    Upgrade your visitors to VIP guests!
    Upgrade your hotel to allow more guests.
    Check in to your neighbor‘s resorts for chance at exclusive items.

  • Benefits to Owning a Resort:

    • A new business to earn coins!
    • Enjoy social interaction with your neighbors. Hotel Guests can leave messages in hotel!
    • Businesses in resort area get more patrons and so you can harvest coins faster!
    • Check in to Neighbor Hotels for a chance to get exclusive items.

Neighbor Benefits

When your neighbors check into your Hotel, they can count for a lot more than 1 guest spot! The amount of guests that your neighbor gives will change depending on the floor:

  • 1st floor: 5 Guests
  • 2nd Floor: 10 Guests
  • 3rd Floor: 15 Guests (if unlocked)
  • 4th Floor: 20 Guests (if unlocked)
  • VIP Suite: 25 Guests

Hotel Benefits

  • Upgraded hotels hold more guests and contain more VIP suites
  • Chance to win new businesses
  • Your friends get rewards when they check in.
  • Leave your neighbors a check-in message that they can read in their city.
  • When you empty (collect) a full hotel, the hotel guests double the business payout speed of businesses they visit.

Thought Bubbles

Suitcase: This means that they are going to check in!

Suitcase and “No” Symbol: This means that they want to check in, but can’t.

Dollar Sign: Means that this guest will double your business payout speed


  • Q: How often can I invite guests to my hotel?
    A:You can post an invite every 4 hours to invite friends to your resort.Q: Do neighbors have to be invited to check in to my hotel?
    A:No! If you have rooms available and your hotel is open, your visitors may check in at their own leisure.Q: Does my cruise ship need to be placed in resort area?
    A:No.Your cruise passengers will be drawn to open businesses in your city to shop and will wander over to hotel to check in more often than residents.Q: Why do I want to upgrade my hotel?
    A:Upgrading your hotel will allow more VIP and regular guests, as well as faster coin collecting from businesses when you release the stored guests.Q: Do I have to pay 30 cash to become a VIP guest in neighbor’s hotel?
    A:No. Cash is an option for those that want to bypass requesting and waiting for hotel owner to grant VIP status.Q: How do I thank a friend for visiting my hotel?
    A:You will find option to thank your friend by selecting their avatar wandering around in your city.Q: Can I store my hotel in the warehouse?
    A: No.

    Q:How do I thank my friends for visiting my Hotel?
    A:Click on your friend’s picture when you see them walking around your city, then click “Send Thanks”.

Why should I fill my hotel, just for the payout?

The payout is actually not the real reason that you want to use your hotel. When you collect from a hotel you unleash a wave of guests into your city, who will double the payout rate of businesses that they visit! In addition, your friends get rewards for visiting you!

What is the difference between regular guests and Neighbors who become guests?

Regular guests that visit from your surrounding businesses only count as 1 guest. Neighbors can count for up to 25 guests! (see “Neighbor Benefits” above)

What’s the difference between Guests and regular citizens?

Guests have a dollar sign above their heads, meaning they double the speed of your business payouts.

How do you become a VIP? Why become a VIP?

After you have checked in, you can request a VIP upgrade from the hotels menu. You also have the option to pay City Cash for an instant upgrade, but your neighbor can make you a VIP for free!

When you are made into a VIP, you have a chance to get the most exclusive prizes from the Hotel!

I was made a VIP, but when I got to my neighbor’s city it was either closed, or it asked me to check in again. What happened?

If your neighbor’s Hotel fills up and they empty it before you can claim your VIP reward, you will need to check in and ask again. To avoid this you should either ask your neighbor to wait, or try to collect your rewards as soon as you can!

Can I store my Hotel in a Warehouse?

No, you can’t store a completed Hotel in your Deluxe Warehouse.

When can I invite guests to my Hotel?

You can invite guests every 4 hours, but they can still visit your city and check into your hotel as long as it is supplied and not at full capacity.

My Hotel fills so slowly, what’s the best way to fill it with guests?

First, make sure that you have as many businesses in the range of your Hotel as possible. Second, make sure they are all supplied. Third, businesses do attract customers faster when you are logged into your city.

Lastly… Neighbors! A single VIP neighbor counts for up to 25 guests!

How do I collect from my Hotel?

You can collect from your hotel once it is filled with guests, you can see how many guests you currently have on the Hotels menu or by simply holding your cursor over the building itself. Depending on your Hotel level, it can hold from 500 up to 1,500 guests!

How do I thank my friends for visiting my Hotel?

Click on your friend’s picture when you see them walking around your city, then click “Send Thanks”.

Where can I find the rewards that I won at my neighbor’s hotel?

Your rewards will automatically be placed into your inventory