New Cityville Coffeeshop Upgrade

New Cityville Coffeeshop UpgradeNew Cityville Coffeeshop Upgrade,Sneek Peek, Preview.Cityville Coffee ShopCityville Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is a 3×3 sized business available in CityVille

Cityville Coffee Shop

Cityville Coffee Shop

Costs 600 coins and 2 energy to build.

Consumes 100 goods.

Collecting rent from it earns 320 coins and a chance for collectibles towards the Early Riser Collection. Franchising this business costs 480 coins.

The First Level coffee shop is easily obtainable by new players, and it is cheap to build however the new Level 2 Coffeeshop upgrade might change that.  

The coffee shop also uses more supplies than other businesses available to beginners – so it will take less energy to collect from the coffee shop per good.

The disadvantage of using the coffee shop is that it is the least efficient business in terms of revenue per good, returning only 3.2 coins per good used however the New Upgrade coffee shop would change that. And looks like the Upgrade picture might only be a level 2 Upgrade, Stay tune for Level 3 Cityville Coffeeshop upgrade.