CityVille For Dummies

CityVille For Dummies

Cityville For Dummies Idiots Guide,101 – Learn How to build and play CityVille to its full potential!

You don’t have to move to the city—just build one! Free to play, CityVille is a real-time simulation game that is available on Facebook and is the latest online game craze. As the only how-to beginner guide for new and current players, this helpful book walks you through the process of building a city from the ground up while acting as the city leader.

You’ll learn how to clear land, assemble roads, construct buildings, ship and import goods, trade with others, interact with the city’s residents, and visit neighboring cities. Vibrant full-color images throughout portray the game graphics and help to accurately display the differences between the various elements of the player’s city.

  • Serves as an ideal introduction to the popular online game, CityVille
  • Walks you through customizing your city leader avatar, clearing land for your city, and constructing roads
  • Demonstrates how to erect buildings and restaurants, run sales at your businesses, and expand your city to include doctors, police officers, firefighters, and business owners
  • Addresses importing and exporting from other countries, planting and harvesting crops to keep restaurants stocked, interacting with neighboring cities, and more
  • Zeroes in on dealing with technical issues

Even if you’re a country mouse at heart, this guide to CityVille will take you on an entertaining urban journey!

Table of Contents


Part I: Basic City Living.

Chapter 1: Welcome to CityVille.

Chapter 2: Getting Set Up to Play.

Chapter 3: Navigating CityVille.

Chapter 4: Using the Build Menu.

Chapter 5: Starting Your City Right.

Chapter 6: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Part II: Seeking Your CityVille Fortune.

Chapter 7: Managing Your Resources.

Chapter 8: Completing Quests.

Chapter 9: Building an Effi cient City.

Part III: Staying Safe and Up to Date on CityVille.

Chapter 10: Staying Secure and Finding Support.

Chapter 11: Technical Matters: Troubleshooting and Game Enhancements.

Part IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 12: Ten Go-To Items.

Chapter 13: Ten Common City Types.

Chapter 14: Ten Habits of Highly Effective Mayors.