Sony inFAMOUS Anarchy Debuts on Facebook
Sony inFAMOUS Anarchy Debuts on Facebook

  1. Start with a single Apartment building that requires Amps to produce profits.
  2. Grow Amps in electrical “farming” plots, with different types of Amps, like Batteries or Coal, being the game’s version of Corn or Strawberries.
  3. Staff Power Plant in your town with friends, quests to complete along the left side of the screen, and your friends’ towns to visit across the bottom of the screen.
  4. Basic city-building element is represented here (including an energy bar that dictates just how long you can play in a single sitting), but where things at least attempt to be different is in the combat.

    Click on the Map button to bring up a choice of new districts to visit. Unlock more locations as you level up, but are first given Amp City Avenue crawling with Tweakers and other enemies, along with buildings that you can “Do Jobs” in for extra cash and experience points

  5. You’ll simply need to click on enemies to “beat them up,” using a few energy and rewarded with a bit of cash in return. Back in your own town, monsters may appear and you’ll have to defeat them via multiple clicks to bring back the peace.