Cityville Error Building Bridge, Inventory Items Energy not added,Mall Rewards.

Bug Reporter -

Bug Reporter -

Bugs reported so far in Forums include “Attempting to Connect to the Server. Please do not close your browser” .

This error message is driving me insane……when i get this message i loose coins, energy “most of the time when removing from inventory”.

Restarted brower,clean out cachy, run current versions of flash and java. And use various browsers. Internet and Chrome which i find worst that internet explorer…..

Cityville Error Building Bridge Solution Found!:- I just relized in order to get our bridges built our Neghbors have to help build our bridges by just clicking on them, please everyone help eachohter out on this by visiting each other and helping build each other bridges, its worth a shot, I keep getting error messages when I try to build on my own bridge, anyone with me?