Cityville Indian Restaurant,Cityville Fast Food Chicken materializes in the all new Cityville International Food Festival

Cityville Unreleased Items

Cityville Unreleased Items

motel (unreleased)

Cityville Indian Restaurant - Business Building

motel (unreleased)

Cityville Fast Food Chicken - Resident and Business Item

 The Cityville International Food Festival that’s been introduced by Farmer Rita.

CityVille Food Festival Mission:

– Harvest 25 Strawberries
– Harvest 30 Corn
– Gather 3 Eggplant Collection items

Reward: Fruit Stand

Cityville Festival Recipes Mission:

– Collect 5 times from any Bakery in your city
– Collect 3 times from any French Restaurant in your city
– Ask friends for 8 Skewers

Reward: 4 energy

CityVille Food For Thought Mission:

– Visit 8 Friends
– Collect from any 4 neighbor’s Modern Chateaus
– Collect from any French Restaurant 3 times

Reward: Unlocks Greek Restaurant

CityVille Pigeons Fest Mission:

– Have 1 Greek restaurant in your city
– Collect from any 5 Greek Restaurants in your city
– Send Tour Busses to 4 Neighbor’s Diners

Reward: Unlocks Thai Restaurant

CityVille Festival Time Mission:

– Have 1 Thai Restaurant in your city
– Collect 4 times from any Thai Restaurant in your city
– Place 3 decorations in your city

Reward: 1,500 coins

motel (unreleased)

Cityville Auditorium - Unreleased Community BuildingCityville Indian Thai Greek Restaurant,Cityville Fast Food Chicken,International Food Festival