PM Lee Hsien Arse Loong announces new Cabinet in a press conference today.

11 of the 14 ministries will have a new minister in charge.

The new Cabinet will see 9 ministers stepping down from the previous team.

Here’s the full list: Excluding Foo Mee Wah – Sg Election Results Reporting Officer announcer and George “Casino” Yeo and Prata Man (That’s for another election).

Casino Yeo’s moniker was conceived because he strongly advocated for a Casino on the record on 15 April 2005 Straits Times  English (c) 2005 Singapore Press Holdings Limited
A CASINO could provide a mega-boost to the economy, Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo said last night.
But, whatever the decision, no effort will be spared to minimise the social costs of gambling here, he added.
He was commenting on a survey which indicated that one in every 50 adult Singaporeans risked becoming problem gamblers.
Mr Yeo, as then-Trade and Industry Minister, first broached the casino idea in Parliament during the Budget debate last year.
Explaining the rationale for the proposal, he said last night: ‘We are talking about millions of dollars’ worth of investment, thousands of jobs and the possibility of increasing annual tourism inflow into Singapore by hundreds of thousands a year.’
He gave his comments to reporters at the launch of a poll for a Housing Board upgrading programme in Bedok. He was not surprised by survey results indicating that some 55,000 adult Singaporeans could become addicts.
‘We know there are always problem cases that can lead to occasional family tragedies, whether or not there’s a casino.’
People could, for instance, be addicted to horse-racing. ‘So whether or not we proceed with this integrated resort, we should make sure we find ways to minimise the social costs.’
Measures could include barring those on public assistance schemes from a casino. Family members could also be empowered to prevent those with a gambling problem from entering casinos.
Still, admission procedures should be simple: ‘We should also not make it so complicated that we create a bureaucracy to monitor who can enter the casino.’
As for his personal stand, he said: ‘The Cabinet has taken a decision, so we will go by the collective decision.
‘Of course, I announced it a year ago in Parliament… and the economic benefits are not trivial.’

“Rear admiral is a naval commissioned officer rank above that of a commodore and captain, and below that of a vice admiral. It is generally regarded as the lowest of the “admiral” ranks, which are also sometimes referred to as “flag officers” or “flag ranks”. In many navies it is referred to as a two-star rank.”-Source Wikipedia