Rise and Shine Cafeworld Latest Subway Promotion.

Zynga has officially launched a new cross-promotional activity in Cafe World with Subway “Eat Fresh”, to advertise the Subway’s new breakfast options. Not as big of a cross-branding promotion as today’s announcement between FarmVille and Lady Gaga

This cross-promotion is limited time, and offers you six goals to complete, along with new recipes to cook and master. The series starts with the goal called Breakfast Express I, which gets right down to business, having you serve Subway sandwiches in your cafe.

cafeworld subway

Part I:-

  • Serve Sunrise Subway Melt 10 Times
    Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 10 Times
    Spice 3 Neighbors’ Stoves

Part II of VI

  • Serve Black Forest Ham, Egg and Cheese 10 Times
    Serve Breakfast Sandwiches 20 Times
    Serve Orange Juice 18 Times

Part III of VI

  • Serve Fish n Chips 20 Times
    Ask for 5 Cartons of Eggs
    Ask for 5 Cups of Sugar

Part IV of VI

Part V of VI

Serve Philly Cheese Steak 15 Times
Ask for 15 Wedges of Gruyere
Serve Bacon and Eggs 20 Times

Part VI of VI

  • Restock Salad Bar 10 Times
    Serve Bruschetta 15 Times
    Ask for 20 Virginia Baked Hams

Bruschetta is a Toaster Oven dish that must be unlocked by completing the Cafeworld Toaster Oven goals, so I hope you’ve been working hard at those already, or else your job just got a whole lot more difficult and time consuming.

Ain’t it delcious ?