Cityville Population Drop can Boost Population using less space. How :-

  1. To increase the chances of Population drops and seeing your population increased is to collect often from your residential buildings. As in the case of Cityville TV Terrace is an example of a Population Drop
  2. By Building Vertically, not horizontally.
  3. To Boost Population using existing Business HQ Franchises, the higher your franchise, the more population you can store. It’s like a Mixed Development. Does not neccessary means it’s only for office use. I placed to many short looking Business HQ Franchises in my inventory as it is of no use.
  4. Example, Tower Eats can also be used to house Population as well as a Maximized Business HQ Franchises (If you notice the Golf Course at the top of the Roof Top) it indicates Business HQ Franchises are at it’s maximum, creating a payout of 28%, surround it with your existing businesses.
  5. The Higher your population, the Higher your towers are shold be the way to go.
  6. For example the TV Terrace allows population of up to 350, but looks relatively same in size (which shouldn’t be), it should be in Tower-like, like Penthouse Towers.

Cityville Midtown Apartments

Cityville Midtown ApartmentsCityville Midtown Apartments Vs Vs Cityville Park Side Villa which to choose?

  • Midtown Apartments requires level 53 and the Parkside Villa requires level 63
  • Midtown Apartments requires 1,100,000 coins and the Parkside Villa requires 1,750,000 coins
  • Midtown Apartments Collects 82 Coins every 2 hrs and the Parkside Villa Collects 12 Coins every 5 Mins.
  • Midtown Apartments Requires a of Population: 310 and the Parkside Villa Requires a Population: 350

Parkside Villa
: Level 63
Cost: 1,750,000 Coins
Population: 350
Rent: 12 coins/ 5 min
Collection: High Society

Cityville Tv Terrace can now hold a population of 350 at a fraction cost of Parkside Villa.