Background Info :- The Singapore General Election 2011 is currently the hottest topic in an island country located in Asia pacific Ring of fire, largely thanks to the Internet.

The Marine Parade GRC has never been contested by the Opposition since 1992. The Incumbent is the infamous Goh Chock Tong (A chockfull barrel of laughs during his term which continues to this day. His daughter is an american citizen and yet calls citizens who migrated as “fair weathered migratory birds”, when adddressing the issue of The great Singapore mass migration(1998-????).
He was also well-known as a “Seat warmer” or “acting” only prime minister who is seating there warming the HOT seat until a takeover by Prince, Arse Loong (heir apparent) to Sir King Chancellor of Ministries LKY.

Sir Master King Chancellor LKY  has published a book entitled Half truths or HARD Truths rather.

Performing a google search on either would yield results of where to purchase the book. Ps :- The chapter on his commentary on malay muslims is outdated as he has publicly apologise and ignore his comments saying his information was 2 years old.

“Some two months after his statements – which were contained in the new book Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going – evoked strong reactions from the Muslim community here, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew acknowledged yesterday in a press statement that his view that it was harder to integrate Muslims was “out of date”.” – Source

Well, for this election, the National Solidarity Party (NSP) has decided to change things. It will contest the Marine Parade GRC, putting the limelight on Nicole Seah from NSP and Tin Pei Ling from PAP; Both who are young candidates at age 24 and 27 respectively compared to Aljunied GRC MPs Cynthia Phua and Lim Hwee Hwa. It is game on and the battle has already started on the Internet.

Google search queries for “Nicole Seah has surged strongly in the last 2 days. While it doesn’t tell us if the sentiment is positive or negative, it does reflect the curiosity of Singaporeans at least.

 Tin Pei Ling a.k.a TIN TIN , i don't know what to say lar

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Search term “Tin Pei Ling” remains steady. (LEFT) is a toungue in cheek excerp of her PAP bloopers which interview Tin Pei Ling a.k.a TIN TIN , i don’t know what to say lar MTV Music Video

Yahoo trending also shows SIngapore GE 2011 to be quite hot as NGOs and World bank are monitoring, the Human rights Org people are wanting to see what happens if floodgates are open to competition in the island state 35 over years on 1 party family dictatorship with a modified GRC electoral system after much international persuation.

YouTube is flooded with videos which are mostly supportive for Nicole Seah On the other hand, Tin Pei Ling made several remarks which angered the online community, typically on the cost of living in Singapore. Perhaps Facebook could be a better indicator to judge support. Nicole Seah has over 12,000 likes on Facebook while Tin Pei Ling has about 2,000.

The Internet has somehow become a good indicator to judge citizens’ support and sentiments. We’ll see if it turns out accurate. Ms Tin was flamed mercilessly for weeks by irate netizens and a Facebook page
I do not want Tin Pei Ling in parliament” has more ‘likes’ than her personal Facebook page.

The soundtrack “alvin chipmunk Donald Duck style, reflects her “Lollipop Goldylocks politician” character and ” i dunno what to say” clueless poise and demeanor during her walkthrus.She looks like a dork in the school drama outfit and she likes kate Spade. WTF?.

Tin Pei Ling a.k.a TIN TIN , i don’t know what to say lar MTV Music Video and stomps her feet. Like play Play only this election.

Here’s a sample looking Shop of Kate Spade. I thought they were selling made in China glassware / acccesories shop,  that’s Tintin’s adventures all out’

Tintin's great aventures at Kate spade

Tintin's great aventures at Kate spade