Finish the cafe world 2nd deep fryer goals to unlock a second deep fryer slot for your cafe ! double the golden fried glory.

You won’t just be handed a second Deep Fryer from Amelia – you’ll first have to prove that you can “Fry Hard” by completing a five part goal series, that is entirely separate from the lengthy Fry Hard missions released earlier this year. For the first of these five new quests, you’ll need to put your original Cafeworld Deep Fryer to good use.As Cafeworld Feedback Forums in Zynga have voied out that dissatisfaction with the amount of food you can cook in your lone Deep Fryer in a day, Zynga has agreed and released the ability to have a second Decafe wep Fryer in your cafe via the “2nd Deep Fryer” goals.

Here are the list of 2nd deep fryer quest :

PART 1 : cafe world 2nd deep fryer I goal

– cook 1 deep fried turkeys

– ask for 4 bottles of vegetable oil

– spice 4 neighbor stoves

PART 2 : cafe world 2nd deep fryer II goal

– serve 5 triple berry cheesecake

– serve 5 chips and guacamole

– ask for 8 oil strainers

PART 3 : cafe world 2nd deep fryer III goal

– ask for 6 fryer aprons

– ask for 8 sprider strainers

– cook 2 deep fried trukeys

rewards : 2nd deep fryer slot

PART 4 : cafe world 2nd deep fryer IV goal

– ask for 8 pan burners

– cook 2 funnel cakes

– place your 2nd deep fryer

tips : to build faster use the cafe world deep fryer links – you will need @8 for each parts

PART 5 : cafe world 2nd deep fryer V goal

– serve 5 deep fried turkeys

– serve 4 funnel cakes

– complete building your 2nd deep fryer

once you finish your fryer, you can fry up 2 dishes at once :) good luck guys