Zynga Cityville wants to get in on the Royal Wedding Craze or a.k.a “wedding of the century” – the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William – and they’ve brought a bunch of new limited edition Royal Wedding items in CityVille.

Only a few days left before the limited offer items disappear forever from the market!

Here is the image of the new Royal Wedding decorations in CityVille and below you can check out all the details.

The Cityville Royal Wedding British Flag: costs 200 coins, 1% payout pays a mild tribute.
Cityville Royal Wedding Waving Royal People (Prince Williams TOUPEE to cover up the Bald plate inclusive): costs 10 City Cash, 1% payout pays also a tribute and compliments the Union Jack British Flag very well.
Cityville Royal Wedding Royal Guard: costs 8 City Cash, 1% payout. The Royal Guard is a perfect icing on the Cake in Cityville,have more of them in Rows.!
Cityville Royal Wedding Royal Palace Gate: 5,000 coins, 4% payout is the best