Remove Facebook prompt “Only secure content is displayed” popups in Internet Explorer 9 ,ie9

Personally I choose to disable this annoying popup, and simply have Internet Explorer display nonsecure items anyways.

Because everytime while playing facebook and when i attempt to send gifts or request items in Cityville, facebook gives you that annoying popup, however other games are fine like farmville, i don’t know why. (below)

Internet Explorer 9  Only secure content is displayed bar

Anyway here’s how to disable these Facebook popups and show nonsecure items anyways, simply follow these steps:

ie9 Security Settings

1.In Internet Explorer 9, go to the Tools menu > Internet options.

2.Under the Security tab click on the Custom level… button (be sure that Internet is selected under “Select a zone to view or change security settings”).

3.A Security Settings window will appear with numerous options, scroll down a little past half way down, you will see an option labeled Display mixed content, there you can choose Enable (which will always display nonsecured items without asking) 

4.Click OK, and a dialog asking if you are sure you want to change the settings for this zone, be sure to click Yes.

5.Now click Apply and you are done.