CityVille experiences intermittent loading issues and error message unconsciously reveals Zynga‘s Cityville SQL server IP as reported by Angry Bird users from Zynga Forums.

CityVille is experiencing intermittent loading issues. Thank you for your patience as we investigate
CityVille is experiencing intermittent loading issues. Thank you for your patience as we investigate

Thank you for your patience as they investigate this International Crisis of Magnitudinal proportions. Cityvillers Can’t harvest !

WHAT ! !?!?!?! Here’s my error message (LEFT), it just hangs at 92% !Even Cafeworld is affected with same error apology messages.Facebook was probably HACKED, by a ZERO DAY EXPLOIT !!!Here’s is Zynga’s official response to the Cityville meltdown,

SOS! 14.6 Million Cityvillers can’t harvest !!!! .

It is an Outtage !!!

Excerpts from some Indian Cityvillers proclaiming violently:- “i Can’t HARVEST”!”

It’s like saying he can’t get off !!!

He needs a good Harvest to get off.

Another Technical Excerpt :-

I’m having the same problem as well. It loads up to 92% then stops. But at the bottom I notice a message that says: “Error #28: Error calling function UserService.initUser-> can’t connect to server with dsn=mysql:host=10.104.55…” Please fix this!! Thanks!

Food for thought:-

Problem here too in Oregon, hope they freeze things so we don’t lose anything.

He’s got a point.

Note his point, you don’t wanna load your city too fast, what happens if a Hard reset is done to SQL server ? An empty City!

The all reveal :-

Complete Error Code: “Error #28: Error calling function UserService.InitUser -> can’t connect to server with dsn=’mysql:host=”

Great , now everyone knows Zynga’s SQL server IP !!!!

Can someone please Ping this. Damn i”m funny.

Vulgar : This is ridiculous. I haven’t been able to play CV all DAY!!!!!! There is no excuse for this. (Middle FInger):-( 😦

City Cash Cityviller (yes some do pay cash) AlohaEddie says (probably from hawaii) :-

We all should be reimbursed for their mess up !!! At the minimum least of $180 Cityville cash; cause we will lose all our crops and not get ahead as planned. Another way to suck us dry and laugh as they just go home and don’t care about the Face Book nation. Sad tech support and very disappointing.

In conclusion he paid a total 180 for Cityville’s Shit n Load shannaigans , which probably Includes a Cityville Tennis Court and Cityville Basketball court, I can’t wait to see his cityville. AlohaEddie moust be Zynga’s greatest Fan and Cash COW ! Milked to the extreme !

Cuban / Spanish Cityviller Posted this on my Comments page :-

é uma vergonha este erro, e o pior ficar sem acesso durante o dia todo. Isto mostra uma falta de profissionalismo, e se tivesse comprando produto do cityville, estaria na segunda-feira processando por falta de serviço. Por isto que coisa free é uma merda, quem vai nos ajudar agora, não temos a quem recorrer.
Espero que amanha tudo esteja resolvido, e que este bando de incompetente faça as coisas funcionarem ou que fiquem limitado a desenvolver sisteminhas de merda


It’s a shame this error, and the worst stay without access throughout the day. This shows a lack of professionalism, and had buying product of cityville, would be on Monday, suing for lack of service. Why thing free is a shit, who will help us now, we don’t have to turn to. I hope that tomorrow everything is resolved, and that this bunch of incompetent to make things work or be limited to develop sisteminhas of shit (???). – Bing Translator

No. 2 Spanish Cityviller Posted this on my Comments page :-
Otra técnica Extracto: – Tengo el mismo problema también con el juego cityville. Se carga hasta el 92% y luego se detiene. Pero en el fondo me doy cuenta de un mensaje que dice: “Error # 28: error llamando a la función UserService.initUser-> no se puede conectar al servidor con dsn = mysql: host = 10.104.55 …” Por favor, corrija esto! pronto por son muchos otros  problemas con este juego aparte te aborta del juego teniendo iniciar al juego y sus cargas energy duran poco al jugar teniendo esperar 3minutos para solo una energy Gracias.


Another technique extract:-have the same problem also with the game cityville. Charges up to 92% and then stops. But basically I am aware of a message that says: “Error # 28:
error by calling the function UserService.initUser – > can not connect to the server with dsn = mysql: host = 10.104.55…” Please, fix this! soon are many other problems with this
separate game you abort the game given start to the game and its energy loads last little playing taking wait 3minutos for just an energy thanks. – Bing Translator

Zynga Forums 58,000 Bug Problems Issues reportedAs A consolation Zynga Forums is flooded with 41,000 page views(updated) and highlighted in RED is the Known Issue that every 14.6 Million users are facing; Will they have their crops and Cities intact, or will they have to …>REBUILD ? Like the Japan earthquake ?