In meantime as Cityville continues to hang at 92% that’s the keyword, take time look at hilarious 58k postings.

It’s been a great howler looking at those questions spewing from frustrated Cityvillers unable to perform harvesting sessions :- (as you can see, the Complain Posting counts has escalated to 58,000k.

I’ll select the funniest bug reports by Cityvillers from all walks of life (yes both Cubans and Spanish ) :-

Excerp from Figured It Out BigPecs8 :-

I think I’ve figured out most of the FB games.

Get your attention. Get you signed up. Get your $$$. For get you.

Moderator’s efforts are sincerely appreciated but grow increasingly tedious when the implication is that your cache, your browser, your OS are the source of the problem and by filing a bug report that will be promptly ignored is your solution.

Zynga should try this:”CityVille technicians are aware of the game loading problems and are investigating. Thank You!”

Wasn’t that easy? He figured it out slightly but without much logic.

Firstly,there’s no such thing as a Cityville Technician, Technicians don’t do Facebook SQL Ajax programming.SOA .NET, SOAP EJB JAVA Beans and all coffee stuff.

A PRC Cityviller using Cityville Language  :-

.My遊戲始終停留在92%,同樣的錯誤信息可以載入其他家庭成員的遊戲沒有問題 <His Facebook Spam Link>


Error#28 trapped in 92%. My game has always been to stay in 92%, the same error message can load the other members of the family game no problem. <His Facebook Spam Link> – BING TRANSLATOR.

Same with me, harvest and shipping times should be graced to make up for incompetent bungling on Zyngas part, honestly this game is as reliable as a 1936 Packard in 1963. If I get in and find all my franchises have knocked me back down to 0 because of this and I have lost my very day bonuises, Zynga will find players deserting them in droves
Nearly Level 77 city 🙂 Nearly Level 50:) Reputation
Paisley Park, is in your heart, come and take a lifetime lease in Paisley Park.
Population 16,00/30,890 and home of the Timeshare Tower

 A Cityville neighbour worth visiting, she has a population of 16,000 and has seen a 1936 Packard in 1963! Which means she’s 47 years old.

Is dat a Whooper of an Australian Kangaroo insult / or a great Kiwi Welcome Compliment. a 1936 Package cuold be still be a workable, believe it or not.Easy Pizzy !
She also labelled Zynga’s bugling …”incompetent bungling ” She so rude in just 2 sentences.

Indian Cityviller
anupanta :-
Stuck on loading screen at 92%. It has been 14 hours almost and it is not fair. Please do something ;(
It really isn’t fair, come to think of it Cityville Citizens will stop happily strolling your streets. Cityville business
close up shop and Cityville crops dead (although I suspect they have suspended wilting). On the bright side, will the Cityville bandits stop raiding the jewelry stores?
Where’s the COMP Plan ? Where is Cityville Compensation Plan for all this? Where’s the insurance for City Cash Cityvillers ?!?!?! IT really is NOT FAIR !!! People PAID cash for  this Cityville City Cash shannaignas like that Cityville Basketball court, Cityville Tennis Courts!!!! WE DEMEAND A COMPENSATION PLAN !!!
come on guys fix that trouble please !! I have to harvest my crops !!!! I’ve been trying to get in into my city all day :C I hope you’ll give me some rewards like city cash ok … thank you !!! xD
That’s the COMPENSATION Plan.
CITYville CASH .!!!!!

Multiple Cityville Account Holder catplus4 :-

I just attempted to sign in on my children’s accounts after a whole day of being unable to on mine.

Turns out on some accounts I could and some I couldn’t.

The ones that I could log into on however could not go visit the cities of the accounts that I can not log into.

They would get this error “Oops we seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties. Please refresh to continue.”

This happens every time the accounts that I could get into attempted to visit the other accounts. Hope this helps.

This is serious Zynga violation in front of their face, it’s where your Tongue slaps the Head.
He created multiple “Child accounts to perform Testing functions and probably Gift Sharing functions when he’s only 1 person.”



Often, account compromises occur because a user intentionally gives their account information to someone they mistakenly believe to be trustworthy.

We commonly see situations where players choose to share account information with unauthorized chip sellers and loot item services. Not only is this activity a violation of Zynga’s Terms of Service, but these sales are, more often than not, run by scammers. Giving any third party your information can place your account and personal information at risk. Zynga is the only authorized seller of virtual goods and currency for its games.

If you’ve ever accidentally or purposefully shared your account information, you should immediately update your account passwords.


The Dual Offshore Brazilian Cityville Account Holder (below) says he has 2 accounts but another unregistered person also uses it. His Wife.

Dual Offshore Brazilian Cityville Account Holder toniandrade:-

hello, I’m from Brazil and I have two accounts, one personal and one company, I have this same problem. screen reading cityville brakes at 92%. After a few seconds the message appears: “Error #28: Error calling function UserService.initUser-> can’t connect to server with  dsn=mysql:host=10.104.55…”  It happens on my two accounts. But on account of my wife enter the normal play on the same computer.
I’m 17 hours without  moving, it’s frustrating to have lost hours and days. Does anyone have a  solution? please’m cutting wrists  thanks