Royal Wedding  Couture Cake Designer fiona cairns

Royal Wedding Couture Cake Designer fiona cairns

Prince William and Kate Middletown have chosen Designer Couture cake designer, Fiona Cairnsto create their wedding cake.

It will be a multi-tiered traditional fruit cake, decorated with cream and white icing.

There will also be a strong British floral theme her creative style and beautifully crafted handmade cakes using traditional British ingredients.

The royal couple has requested a chocolate biscuit cake for the reception at Buckingham Palace.

It will be made by McVitie’s Cake Company, who will follow a special Royal Family recipe. The chocolate biscuit cake was specially requested by Prince William.

At her bakery in Leicestershire, Cairns explained that each of the tiers of icing-covered, brandy-flavored fruitcake will have a different theme. Detailed piping is being used to make 3-D scrollwork, flowers, leaves and other decorative touches, while the flowers of the four corners of the U.K. will be represented by the English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and Irish shamrock,acorns for strength, and 16 sweet William Blooming flowers as well.

Here are some of her Kick Arse Designs

Fiona Cairns World Cup cake

Fiona Cairns has designed some gorgeously sporty cupcakes exclusively for Waitrose, just in time for the World Cup. The delicious vanilla sponge cakes are topped with soft white fondant icing and come in two extra special designs- a St George’s cross and a football.