Masterchef USA

Masterchef USA

MasterChef is the latest American gestation & output of a successful British reality competition.  For the American version, Fox has teamed Gordon Ramsay, and 2 kingpins of the US restaurant industry, Chef Graham Elliot Bowles and restaurateur Joe BastianichMeet the players:

graham elliot bowles

graham elliot bowles

Graham Elliot Bowles is a prodigy ,America’s youngest 4 star chef at the age of 27. A pioneer of the trendy molecular gastronomy movement that couples cooking and chemistry.

His Nice Guy character contrasts that with that snooty Italian fella (below). A great balance. Graham’s he sits in the middle during judging. He’s great at explaining how the food looks and judges accordingly; which displays his experience;and can be somewhat educational to me and viewers. For example It’s like describing how a pig looks, how long and how old it’s been ,where’s it’s origins and age, what food its been fed with, the shits it produces and eventually the final Pork output that you see on your dinner plate.

He has a groundbreaking restaurant, graham elliot, which combines cutting edge American cuisine with humor and just a touch of moxie to create Chicago’s first “bistronomic” restaurant.

His accolades are many having brought home traditional culinary affirmation like the coveted James Beard Award often called “The Oscars of Food.” The Awards ceremonies honor the finest chefs, restaurants, wine professionals, journalists, cookbook authors, restaurant designers, and electronic media professionals in the country

He’s also a new age recognition as a competitor on both Bravo’s Top Chef: Masters and the Food Network’s Iron Chef America.

Check out his Swanky website.

Joe Bastianich

Joe Bastianich

Joe Bastianich is the son of famed Italian chef celebrity Lidia Bastianich his mother.

I like his snooty demeanour and character. He’s always giving contestants “The Snooty Eye” arrogant look. You can’t help but wanting to punch him in the face at times. However his character is subdued by the Nice guy Graham Elliot (Thank god).

He is also friend and business partner to America’s most successful Italian chef, Mario Batali

  • A winemaker who is described as a “street-level philosopher.”
  • He has been honored as both vintner and restaurateur by the likes of Food & Wine and the James Beard Foundation.
  • His book on wine pairing, Vino Itialiano (available at, is considered the standard by which the genre is judged.
 gordon ramsay

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay.

  • The reason why I watch this show i love his explosive temper and colorful use of flowery language in his british accent and one of the best chefs in the world.
  • Though explosive, he’s more likeable than the snooty fella (above).
  • The exaggerated personality shown on TV boosts ratings and viewership and is always entertaining.
  • In real life he really is the most gifted and passionate people in the culinary world.
  • He’s a pretty good judge of character and rips off David Miller the “Joker” until he cries.