As says and defines :-

  • “Everything at Graham Elliot will be simplified for an experience he calls “fine dining redefined.”
  • “Playing GEB original music on his guitar. “
  • “Suvjan Steven’s ‘Come on Feel the Illinoise.”
  • Local bands in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin to provide more of the restaurant’s soundtrack
  • All Dishes served on the same large white (Ikea) plate.
  • All wine will be served in one kind of glass. All food will be eaten with one kind of fork, knife and spoon.
  • This isn’t a $200 a head place.
  • There’s no suit-and-tie dress code. Encourages House wear  —Levi’s 501 jeans, brown tee shirts and Converse sneakers.

Amazingly creative but accessible food:

  • cold (signature Caesar salad with parmesan fluff);
  • hot (aged cheddar risotto); sea (chorizo-crusted scallops);
  • land (grilled pork rack with root beer barbecue sauce);
  • sweet (molten carrot cake).