New CityVille Gamebar arrives from Zynga Gamebar,Zynga toolbar!!!

  1. Earn Free Energy Every 8 Hours ,CityVille Alerts.
    Know when your Goods are Ready to Harvest.
    Keep Track of Gifts and Invites.
    Ear Free Energy bonus every 8 hours.
    Keep track of Gifts and Invites.
Zynga,Cityville toolbar gamebar

Zynga,Cityville toolbar gamebar


Here are some quick FAQs

Q: Where do I get it?
A: You can install it by going to the following site:
Q: Why would I want it?
A: Besides being a neat way to keep an eye on your basic game stats, you can also get 5 energy every eight hours by using the gamebar!
Q: Which browsers are supported?
A: FireFox (2.0 and above), Chrome, and Internet Explorer (7.0 and above)
Q: How do I install it?
A: Follow the installation steps