I’ve seen this FOOD Inc show and was 50% affirmation of what’s going on in the Food Industry and also 50% enlightened. My 50% enlightenment will be made as you read on.

After watching shows like The Corporation,The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power nothing much surprises me anymore about what’s Industry is doing.

Supermarket aisle

Supermarket aisle

Back to my Viewer Review.
This Scene attemepts to show the large “variety of products” on display giving consumers the illusion of “variety” but in actuality, several of those “brands” are owned by 2 or 3 or more large corporations which are busy in buying up small startups.
food inc Chicken Size

food inc Chicken Size

This is one of the Scene of the video showing how efficient industry has made Chicken Livestock larger in a few days 1950s Vs 2008. It says chicken breast is consumers choice. It’s no wonder how Man-Boobs evolve. 

Corn Commodities food inc

Corn Commodities food inc

It says Corn is mostly used as feed because it fattens cows and Chicken faster. However later in the show it documents step by step how Ecoli is systematically spread throguhout the Food chain onto dinner tables causing deaths because of widespread use of Corn as feed instead of grass for Cows.

There’s also a segement on how Corn Commodities, Agirculture Commodities can be manipulated or converted into many other byproducts. An Extract from Wall Street Cheat Sheet

Here’s Why Food Prices Will Keep Skyrocketing:-

Commodities (NYSE:RJA) are on fire and agribusiness (NYSE:MOO) is at the center of the flame. Here are some must know data points for investors and traders as we head into the weekend:

1) Monsanto (NYSE:MON) shares continue to get mowed down. After reporting disappointing earnings this week, shares have been in a textbook downtrend from $73.70 to $66.50. That’s a very quick loss of 9.75%.

2) Corn has exploded to all-time highs, but traders are getting greedy on supply expectations. The USDA left its ending inventories estimate unchanged at 675,000,000 bushels (a 5% stocks/use ratio), but traders desire complete scarcity.

3) Syngenta (NYSE:SYT) And Bayer CropScience Limited have signed a co-development agreement “on an HPPD herbicide tolerance trait for soybeans. The trait is in early development with launch in North America expected in the second half of this decade. By incorporating tolerance to HPPD herbicides, and thereby enabling the use of leading weed control products, the new trait will provide a powerful mode of action for weed control and the management of weed resistance, particularly to glyphosate. The trait will have significant potential for out-licensing as well as in the companies’ respective branded seeds businesses.”

A summary of the report is below and the news is sending food commodities related stocks and ETFs much higher:

1) Rogers International Commodities Index – Agriculture Total Return ETN (NYSE:RJA): Up 2.5%.

2) Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF (NYSE:MOO): Up 1%.

3) PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund (NYSE:DBA): Up 1%.

4) Deere & Company (NYSE:DE): Up 2%.

5) AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO): Up 2.4%.

6) Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (NYSE:POT): Up 1.2%.

7) Agrium Inc. (NYSE:AGU): Up 2.8%.

 There you have it on why Agriculture Commodities are your stock brokers No1 picks.

Back to the review on Corn Byproducts.

An exhaustive lists is enlightening and surprise and shock you you to death.

Products that use Corn

Adhesives (glues, pastes, mucilages, gums, etc.)
Antibiotics (penicillin)
Asbestos insulation
Automobiles (everything on wheels)
xxx– cylinder heads

xxx– ethanol – fuel & windshield washer fluid
xxx– spark plugs
xxx– synthetic rubber finishes
xxx– tires

Baby food
Batteries, dry cell
Breakfast cereals
Canned vegetables
Carbonated beverages
Cheese spreads
Chewing gum
Chocolate products
Coatings on wood, paper & metal
Colour carrier in paper & textile, printing
Corn chips
Corn meal
C.M.A. (calcium magnesium acetate)
Crayon and chalk
Degradable plastics
Dessert powders
Dextrose (intravenous solutions, icing sugar)
Disposable diapers
Edible oil
Ethyl and butyl alcohol
Explosives – firecrackers
Finished leather
Flour & grits

Frozen foods
Fuel ethanol
Gypsum wallboard
Ink for stamping prices in stores
Instant coffee & tea
Insulation, fibreglass
James, jellies and preserves
Latex paint
Leather tanning
Livestock feed
Malted products
Mustard, prepared
Paper board, (corrugating, laminating, cardboard)
Paper manufacturing
Paper plates & Cups
Peanut butter
Pharmaceuticals – The Life Line of The Hospital
Potato chips
Rugs, carpets
Salad dressings
Shaving cream & lotions
Shoe polish
Soaps and cleaners
Soft drinks
Starch & glucose (over 40 types)
Tacos, tortillas
Wheat bread
foodinc Upgrading from Old School Farmhouse to Corporate Chicken Farmhouse

foodinc Upgrading from Old School Farmhouse to Corporate Chicken Farmhouse

In this scene we see an old school farmer whom industry requires her to upgrade to a Corporate Chicken farmhouse requiring more capital uplay through loans that can accumulate to $500,000 while the average incomes of farmers are just 18,00 per year. Yes it is a quandry, nothing now belongs to the farmer like it used to be. Chicken farming is big business all over the Chicken belt zone for Tyson and Perdue.

Nebraska Plant uses ammonia to prevent ecoli spreadIndustry is in a tizzy on how to curb Ecoli spread, thus a High Tech solution is conceived.

Instead of using Grass to purge off the Ecoli,a High tech solution is used, such as using Ammonia to clense the Meat during factory production(LEFT,a Nebraska plant), packaged and ready for consumption. The final product is a sheet of meat (Ammonia clensed from Ecoli) much like you see coming out from a steel mill.

As you can see, a representative from the industry must be on his way to perform an inspection of the producton process.

Fast food diabetes
Fast food diabetes

The Take away from all this from Food Production process to human consumption is starkly real and worrying as Americans and people from all over the world are subjected to injesting such foods causing diabetes and other forms of heart diseases.

According to the family, Fast food is cheaper than Veggies at the supermarket. They are torn between eating veggies and paying top dollar for his diabetes medication.

This Food Inc Poster (Below)summarizes the poignant state of US agriculture (the Old school Chicken Farmhouse fading into the background), the Cow as a production unit as well as gives a solution to US Food Industry :-

Just FEED COWS WITH GRASS, plenty of it,and keep it natural and organic !!!