cityville cruise ship King of the Seas

cityville cruise ship King of the Seas

The King of the Seas is a 4×8 sized cruise ship available in CityVille. It is unlocked after upgrading the City Port to Level 3. Each ship costs 1000 Coins to purchase. Collecting from it earns a chance for collectibles towards the Tourism Collection.

Earnings will vary depending on the destination chosen. The payout is 2 times the rate that is listed for the chosen trip.

This cruise ship was released on January 13, 2012.


Ship Size Cost Payout Rate Requires
Little Liner-icon.png
Little Liner
2×3 Coins-icon.png 100 Coins 1x City Port
Deluxe Cruiser-icon.png
Deluxe Cruiser
3×6 Coins-icon.png 500 Coins 1.5x City Port – Level 2
King of the Seas-icon.png
King of the Seas
4×8 Coins-icon.png 1000 Coins 2x City Port – Level 3
Announce cruise ships

Announce cruise ships

Cruise Destinations

Cruise Cost Travel Time Tourists Earnings
Alaskan Cruise-icon.png
Goods-icon.png 200 Goods 88 hours 22 Coins-icon.png 950 Coins
Scandinavian Cruise-icon.png
Goods-icon.png 300 Goods 1212 hours 30 Coins-icon.png 1350 Coins
Caribbean Cruise-icon.png
Goods-icon.png 500 Goods 2424 hours 45 Coins-icon.png 2125 Coins
Mediterranean Cruise-icon.png
Goods-icon.png 750 Goods 4848 hours 60 Coins-icon.png 3000 Coins
Around The World Cruise-icon.png
Around The World
Cash-icon.png 5 Cash Instant! 75 Coins-icon.png 3750 Coins

The new item is the Cityville Royal Carribbean RCL , Celebrity X Cruises , Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Princess Cruise Ship, which will apparently bring with them some “fun and excitement.”

Zynga goes on to officially announce “Where will the (The Black Guy) take your citizens?” This leaves the feature wide open in terms of possibilities.

Will Cityville Allure of The Seas Cruise Ships work just as regular as Royal Carribbean Cruises ,earn coins as citizens become tourists to other countries rather than producing Goods?able to explore, using the Cruise Ship as a mode of travel?

  • To get started you will need to begin the  Unlock your Norwegian Cruise Ship Quest Line. You must follow these quests and complete your City Port to unlock the Cruise Ship Feature to accept Tourists from Cruise Ships
  • STEP 2 :Do the usuals like asking your friends to fill up your City port.
  • STEP 3 :Once your City Port is finished the first Cruise Ship will arrive automatically.
  • STEP 4 : NOTE: For the next Quest BUY 4 NEW Decorations and surround it around the City Port. Existing Decor dosen’t work.
Cityville Cruiseships
Cityville Cruiseships

Cityville Waterfront Condo

The Cityville Waterfront Condo will be Unlocked as a reward.

Here’s some more info about the new CityVille Cruise Ships:

Benefits of Cruise Ships4606451bbdbf832c82f832694498fd9f
– Provide income for your city in exchange for goods
– Deliver goods

Tourists spend 2x more than residents at your businesses.

Plus, you’ll receive 1,350 City Coins every time Cruise Ships port in your city.

Benefits of Tourists

– Speed up how quickly the businesses in your city sell out after you supply them.


Q: Can I have more than one(1) cruise ship?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Can I have more than one(1) City Port?
A: Not at this time.

Q: How long does it take for the cruise ship to come back with tourists?
A: 12 hours.

Q: How long do the tourists stay?
A: You will have 30 tourists in your city, once they visit a business they will leave. Reloading your city for whatever reason (such as visiting a neighbor) will also remove the tourists from your city.

Q: What will happen if I delete the port?
A: It will return to your inventory, if you wish to use it again it will have to be rebuilt. Please note that if you delete the port while your cruise ship is away it will still be away once you rebuild.

Q: Does this feature have any prerequisites?
A: Yes, you have to be level 20 to receive this feature and accompanying quests.