Cityville City of the Week – An Analysis
HIS Town : Cityville Coins 4.9 Million – 11,000 Population )
MY Town : Cityville Coins 2.3 Million – 4,650 Population 

1. How did he manage to get a population of 11,000 with such a moderate Cityville Size ?

  • He’s probably got 3 Cityville Landmarks pushing up the population by 6,000.
  • He’s got some swanky Cityville Modern Art Gallery as well.
  • And of course the Cityville Observatory.

2. How does he use Cityville Terrain to Elevate those towns? There are no terrain functions found.

  • I Don’t Know

3. Which Cityville Businesses gave him the most payout to fund those Swanky Cityville Landmarks ?

  • As far as i can see, the Cityville Tower Eats, Hotels  are the main Business driver.

4. How can the moderate size of the Crop he has feed his businesses?

  • It’s because he has only 4 business enclaves surrounded by Cityville High Payout decors namely : Cinema , SPA, Bed & Breakfast Hotel, Tower Eats and not forgetting the Hotel. Each approx getting 280% payout.


Cityville City of the Week Analysis

Cityville City of the Week Analysis