Catching Cityville Bandits

Level 2 Bandits

All of these bandits require 1 Officer to be on Patrol to Arrest. The reward upon catching them differs as noted below.

  • Billy the Bandit – 400 Coins
  • Meowing Marauder – 500 Coins
  • Couture Bandit – Watch Shop Appears in Inventory (Coin Payout = 702, Requires 130 Goods, 7 Clicks to Build)
  • BanditsLevel 3

All of these bandits require 2 Officer to be on Patrol to Arrest. The reward upon catching them differs as noted below:

  • Pie Faced Pete – 600 Coins
  • Mommy & Clyde – Baseball Bouncy will automatically appear in Inventory (Bonus 11% Payout)

Level 4 Bandits

It will require 4 cops on patrol to be able to catch this bandit! Here is the reward for catching this bandit:

  • The Heartbreaker – Donut Shop (Coin Payout = 534, Requires 120 Goods, 5 Build Clicks)

Level 2

Requirements to Unlock: As mentioned above you will need to gather enough items required to upgrade for the first time.

Reward: Being able to catch bandits for rewards and have cops appear in your City walking around.

Level 3

Requirements to Unlock: You will need to Catch 10 Bandits or Purchase for 60 City Cash

Reward: Your Police Station will grow in size and Police Cars will appear when you catch a bandit.

Level 4

Requirements to Unlock: 30 Bandits or purchase upgrade for 120 City Cash

Reward: The Police station will grow in size again and appearance will improve. Also, you will have Swat Vans appear when catching a bandit.

Level 5

Here are the four new bandits introduced in CityVille and the rewards you get for catching them:

  • Night Owl Nick (700 coins)
  • Page the Bookworm (800 coins)
  • Meredith the Magician (rewards Magic Store)
  • Gary the Gadget (rewards Camera Store)
new cityville bandits

new cityville bandits

The first three bandits require a Level 5 Police Station in your city (which can be unlocked after you catch 60 bandits), while Gary the Gadget is quite a criminal mastermind that requires a Level 6 Police station that also comes with a private helicopter. However, you will need 120 bandits for it.

cityville helicopter

cityville helicopter