Mount Fuji Overdue for Eruption, Experts

Speculation of an eruption first spread in 2000 and 2001, when scientists were shocked to detect swarms of low-frequency earthquakes beneath Mount Fuji.

Explosive Buildup

Shigeo Aramaki, one of Japan’s leading volcano experts, led the committee’s hazard map project. The last Fuji eruption, he says, was in 1707.

Mount Fuji looms just 70 miles (112 kilometers) from Tokyo, a metropolitan region home to nearly 30 million people (map of Japan). Many millions more live much closer.

It’s therefore no wonder that Fuji is arguably the world’s most closely watched volcano.

The mountain is wired to the hilt with dense global positioning system arrays and seismometers. It is scrutinized with state-of-the-art laser mapping technology and is bombarded with constant investigations.

Precisely when Fuji will be fully cocked, nobody knows.

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