Japanese safety officials have warned of a possible meltdown at a Japan nuclear power plant affected by a massive earthquake,the official is with Japan’s nuclear safety commission who said this evening after it was damaged by a massive earthquake and tsunami.

Japanese media said officials had detected caesium, one of the elements released when overheating causes core damage, around the reactor at Fukushima No 1 plant in Futuba.Uranium fuel may be melting at reactor Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says 2 radioactive substances, cesium and radioactive iodine, have been detected near the Number One reactor at the Fukushima Number One nuclear power station. The agency says this indicates that some of the metal containers of uranium fuel melting. The substances are produced by fuel fission.

University of Tokyo Professor Naoto Sekimura says only a small part of the fuel may have melted and leaked outside.

CNN is reporting that the evacuation zone has been expanded to 20KM around the plant

He called on residents near the power station to stay calm, saying that most of the fuel remains inside the reactor, which has stopped operation and is being cooled

Radioactive steam has been released to reduce rising pressure in the plants and the Japanese prime minister has ordered thousands of people living within six miles to leave the area.

The nuclear plants are both at Tokyo Electric Power Company‘s (Tepco) Fukushima facility.

Pressure at one – the Daiichi reactor – may have risen to 2.1 times the designed capacity, the country’s trade ministry said.

Media reports also said the radiation level was rising in the turbine building.

We have 24 hours and counting to wait for Nuclear containment. GOD HELP US ALL !