Will there be chaos, a flurry of natural disasters and extreme weather on March 19 when the moon will come close to Earth the Supermoon catastrophe fears rear head after Japan tsunami?

Astrologer Richard Nolle says disasters like huge storms, earthquakes and volcanoes could strike earth on March 19 as a closer moon will exert more gravitational pull on earth.

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Will there be greater seismic and volcanic activity on March 19, when the full moon will be very close to Earth?

“The question is not actually so crazy. In fact scientists have studied related scenarios for decades. Even under normal conditions, the moon is close enough to Earth to make its weighty presence felt: It causes the ebb and flow of the ocean tides,” Space.com said in an article.

“Get ready for what could be moderate to severe weather patterns, increased seismic activity, tsunamis and more volcanic eruptions than normal.
March 19 Supermoon.
Tidal forces between the moon and the Earth have slowed the moon’s rotation so that one side of the moon always faces toward our planet. Though several spacecraft have imaged the far side of the moon before, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is providing new details region. This image highlights the moon’s topography, with the highest elevations up above 20,000 feet in red and the lowest areas down below 20,000 feet in blue.