Build an authentic Cityville Irish Pub! (it’s gotta look great) get ready for ST. PATRICK’S Pub Goal in Cityville.

Checklist to prepare:-

  1. Build the Cityville Shamrock Sing-a-long (Collect 2 times)
  2. Build the Fiddle Shop
  3. Prepare to Harvest some Corn, Cabbage & Clover (NEW! Yes Start now)
  4. Prepare to Place some Clover Patches (at least 5)
  5. Prepare to Place a St. Patrick’s Park
  6. Prepare to Place a Painting Booth
  7. Prepare to Ask friends for Mugs
  8. Prepare to Water + Visit neighbours crops by visiting them

    Unlock Reward: St. Patty’s Pub + Cityville River Dancers !

Do all of the above to finish the entire 3 Quests and when the Cityville St. Patrick’s Pub is ready, your city will be for St. Paddys!

Scales Out !! Here are they details !!!

CityVille St. Patrick’s Pub Mission
– Have 1 Shamrock Sing-a-long
– Collect from any Shamrock Sing-a-long 2 times


Cityville St. Patty's Pub

Cityville St. Patty's Pub

CityVille Paul and St. Pats Mission
-Have a St. Patty’s Pub
-Collect from any St. Patty’s Pub 5 time
-Harvest 10 Cabbage

Cityville St. Patrick's Day Quest Reward

Cityville St. Patrick's Day Quest Reward

CityVille Face Painting Mission
-Have 1 Painting Booth
-Ask friends for 10 Face Paint Jars
-Visit 10 Neighbors

CityVille Clovers for Ruth Mission
-Place St. Patrick’s Park
-Place 5 Clover Patches
-Water 6 Neighbors’ Crops

Cityville River Dancers Quest Reward

Cityville River Dancers Quest Reward

CityVille Edgar Bows Down Mission
-Harvest 25 Corn
-Have 1 Fiddle Shop
-Collect from any Fiddle Shop 5 times

Introduction of two new crops (cabbage and clover).

So that’s how they do it.