Cityville French Restaurant is a business available in CityVille. It is a reward unlocked following the Restaurant Food goal:-

   In this goal you have to collect :-

1 Carrot Soup, 1 Pie and 1 Coffee in Carrot Collection

 Pie Under Just Desserts Collection  Coffee under Early Riser Collection
 Goal reward :- Unlocked Cityville French Restaurant

Cityville French Restaurant have the possibility of dropping items which count towards the French Cuisine Collection: Fromage, Baguette, Beret, Croissant, French flag.

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Fromage-icon.png Baguette-icon.png Beret-icon.png Croissant-icon.png French Flag-icon.png Bird Fountain-icon.png
Fromage Baguette Beret Croissant French Flag Bird Fountain