Cityville Wedding Missions :- I have a canny feeling it unlocks the Cityville Wedding Pavillion of 17% Payout ! as some players are unable to unlock the Groomsmen Links (A Zynga Decoy)

Wedding Baking Goal

For Wedding Baking, Make sure you have Cityville French Restaurant(s).
Have 3 Baguettes
Have 3 Croissants
Collect from French Restaurants 5 Times

Wedding Dinner Goal 

For Wedding Dinner Goal, Collect from French Restaurant, Harvest Eggplants and Collect from Flower Kiosk to achieve:-

  • Have 3 Lilies
    Have 3 Fromage
    Harvest 40 Eggplant

Make the Cake Goal

  • Have 1 Wedding Cake Topper
    Have 6 Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
    Collect 15 Paris Parcels

The Wedding Cake Topper is part of the Wedding Dress & Tux Rental collection, while the Chocolate Covered Strawberries are part of the Strawberry Crop Collection. In order to collect Paris Parcels, you must have some boats in and Ferry them to Paris Effiel Tower.

Rewards for each QUEST : receive 200 coins, giving you 600 coins in total.

Afterthoughts : it ain’t worth it if the reward above is official as it unlocks NO FANCY buildings.

Unless it’s true that it unlocks the Cityville Wedding pavillionwith a 17% payout FREE

Wedding Baking Goal