I realise users are unable to Unlock the Departmental Store but is able to get the Supermarket but can’t get the TV Terraces. Yes what a conundrum, your current Level and population also affects the Unlocking mechanism.

Here are a combination of factors. Complete 3 Retail Quests first, the one being Edgar & Ruth Dine. (be at least level 13 to receive this quest).  Bear in mind your Level and Population.

3 steps to complete
Build both a City Supermarket in your town, and a Tofu Burger Joint as two of the tasks, with the Tofu Burger tasks specifically being to collect from the business five times. 

  1. Tofu Burger must be stocked with 125 Goods, and costs 5,000 coins to build from the store.
  2. City Supermarket costs 5,750 coins, and requires 130 Goods to stock.
  3. A Shorcut , save your coins, franchise it to other users who have Tofu Burger restaurant or City Supermarket.
  4. Accept them to your Building Lots and collect from the Tofu Burger and your friend will get something out of in the process – Hitting 2 Birds at once!

    Cityville Franchise

    Cityville Franchise

  5. Ensure you have at least Cityville population of 1,300 or in some instances 5,000 Cityville Population
  6. The last Retail Quest is the “Out of Town Birds” to unlock TV Terrace